Stay Young! Go Dancing! The Perfect Summer Dresses from Kristen Taekman

The title of this post, “Stay Young, Go Dancing”, reminds me of a 1950’s black and white movie. The type of movie where the young heroine puts on her best summer dress and dances with her beau under the stars on a summers night. Summer is about shedding the winter layers and taking full advantage of wearing lightweight and breathable fabrics. This is the perfect time of year to be feminine and flirty while wearing flowing fabrics. If you are anything like me, you have few staple dresses that have withstood the test of time (or at least the local dry cleaner and three summers in the Hamptons). I consider these dresses my “go-to” classics that work for various occasions. Most of my staple dresses are in neutral tones, black or white (kind of boring but wardrobe staples). This is where the “Stay Young, Go Dancing” comes into play…don’t only stick to classic styles; enjoy the hottest summer dress trends as much as possible.

Each spring new summer styles walk down the runway and make their way onto our computer screens and (hopefully) into our closets, and come June, to a beach clambake near you! This season there is something whimsically new and refreshing with a new twist on some old classics. This season’s runway looks have us putting our summer dresses into four distinct categories.

The Shirt Dress


Kristen Taekmen- Stay Young! Go Dancing! The Perfect Summer Dresses


The updated version of the “Shirt Dress” – this is a summer staple you never knew you needed! Pre-wedding, Meghan Markle was seen wearing this style dress while on official Royal business. If it’s stylish enough for her to wear it, we should wear it too! Needless to say, it has officially become a prominent trend since it was seen on Meghan Markle. This is both a smart and chic dress that can easily take you from day to night. I like to compare the shirt dress to a blank canvas; it’s easy to decorate based on your accessories. In order to elevate the level of a shirt dress, I recommend accessorizing with bold earrings, statement necklaces or belts that cinch it at the waist. If you don’t accessorize (and steam) this look, you may end up resembling someone who just got out of bed and put on their boyfriends oversized shirt. So, make sure to amp it up by accessorizing. If you are in the market for this particular style, I highly recommend looking at Theory’s clean button-down Crowley Cotton shirtdress and Milly’s Split-Striped Tie-Waist Linen shirtdress.

Long and Loose Dresses


Kristen Taekmen- Stay Young! Go Dancing! The Perfect Summer Dresses


Long and loose dresses are the most classic style in this years trends. I personally think everyone should own at least one long and loose dress because they are ideal for any summer occasion. I call these dresses my “summer gowns” and wear them all the time whether it be at the beach a backyard BBQ or summer wedding.

The Kaftan is the perfect example of a dress that falls under the long and loose dress category. If you don’t own a kaftan, you must get one! Everyone should have one in their closet. It is one of the most chic summer looks that will never go out of style. My favorite kaftan designers are Missoni, Rhode Resort and Figue. All there designers have a very unique interpretation of the kaftan but I love them all equally, it all depends on my mood that day and what I feel like wearing.

Asymmetrical Dress


Kristen Taekmen- Stay Young! Go Dancing! The Perfect Summer Dresses


Just when you thought you had seen it all and caught up on the latest trends, another trend appears and you feel almost obligated to get in on the action. One of this season’s latest trends is new and intriguing, filled with different sleeve lengths mixed in with unequal hemlines; it’s called The Asymmetrical dress. At first glance, you might think part of the dress is missing but don’t worry, this is one of the hottest dress trends. I think it’s a fun new look for summer and a refreshing way to add a fun dress to your wardrobe. Whether you love the one shoulder, uneven hemlines or mismatched sleeves, they all fall under the asymmetrical dress category! This new look does all of the talking for you so no need to over style or accessorize. This is one of those looks that you should simply wear and go! Two of my current favorite asymmetrical dresses are the BYTIMO dot-&-floral crepe wrap dress as well as the Zimmerman Laelia Floral Silk Tiered Dress.

The Knit Dress


Kristen Taekmen- Stay Young! Go Dancing! The Perfect Summer Dresses


A summer knit dress sounds like an oxymoron, right?!? Warm summer days and knit clothing does sound right…Well, there is something so nice about wearing a soft-cotton knit that is comforting to the skin and soothing to the sole. Not only is it refreshing and cooling but is extremely chic and looks great on its own or when belted at the waist and paired with a blazer. I am obsessed with this summer look, especially when the knit is in warm, earthy tones. Knit dresses are also a great look when traveling because it wears well and doesn’t wrinkle. I tend to wear a jean jacket with just about everything but it happens to look especially nice when paired with a neutral-toned knit dress. Elizabeth and James have a gorgeous crochet maxi dress and so does Club Monaco!

Now, lets get to the dancing part, ha! Wear any one of these dresses, bring your dancing shoes and get ready to dance your way through the summer wearing the trendiest dresses of the season. Both you and your closet will be very happy with the new addition to your wardrobe. Now that you’re set with this summer’s most fashionable dresses, it’s time to dance the day and night away.

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Stay Young! Go Dancing! The Perfect Summer Dresses from Kristen Taekman