Beauty Timeline: How to Prepare for Your Next Big Event

Whether you are walking a red carpet or a wedding aisle, there are some big events in your life that deserve some extra preparation.  We have outlined a simple beauty timeline to help you prep for your next big event.  By following these guidelines, you can have a stress-free experience on your big day.


Beauty Timeline: How to Prepare for Your Next Big Event

Change your diet.  Cut back on sugar and carbs, and increase your water intake.  Avoid the urge to go on a last-minute crash diet.  They are not healthy, and will likely not give you the results you want.

Up your skincare regimen.  Starting paying attention to how well you take care of your skin.  Put on sunscreen every day (which you should really be doing already).  Do not do anything drastic or new, just maintain a healthy routine.  Now is not the time to try out the new extreme acid peel or laser treatment.

Keep up the exercise.  Be consistent with a moderate exercise routine.  You do not need to suddenly become a world-class CrossFit athlete if you are more of a gentle yoga practitioner.  Make regular, moderate exercise your goal.

Stop plucking those eyebrows.  Hands off!  I know it is hard, but you need to allow your eyebrows to grow in, so that they will be as full as possible when you have them professionally shaped.


Get a fresh cut and color.  Do not wait until the last minute to have your hair cut and colored.  Heaven forbid something goes wrong, you want to have enough time to deal with it after.

Have a hair and makeup trial run.  Meet with your hair stylist and makeup artist to make a game plan for your look.  Go through a trial run so that there are no surprises on the big day.


Get a spray tan. This is a completely optional step, but if you choose to get a spray tan, have it done 2-3 days before the event.  That gives the tan time to settle in, and for you to take a shower or two before the event.  This will make the tan look as natural as possible.

Have your eyebrows professionally shaped.  Now that your eyebrows have had time to fill in, a professional can shape them to look their best.

Stop washing your hair.  Wash your hair for the last time before your event about two days before you will have your hair done.  Most stylists prefer unwashed hair for updos.


Have your nails done.  Manicures and pedicures lose their luster after a few days of wear, so have your nails done the day before the event.

Deep condition your hair.  If you have extremely dry or color treated hair, check with your stylist to see if you should deep condition the night before the event.  Your hair stylist will give you the best advice for your hair type.

Get a good night’s sleep.  You will be excited, and perhaps a bit nervous, but try to get a good night’s rest before the big day.


Eat breakfast.  You have done all you can to make sure that you look your best for your event, now is NOT the time to skip meals.  Eat a breakfast packed with protein to give you the energy to get through the events of the day.

Have your hair and makeup done. Sit back and relax while your hair and makeup are professionally done.  Since you have already perfected your look with a trial run, this part is easy.

Congratulate yourself for your hard work!  You put so much effort into this event, now take the time to enjoy yourself.  That is what this whole process is about after all.

So what big event are you gearing up for?  We would love to hear in the comments below!

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Beauty Timeline: How to Prepare for Your Next Big Event