6 Natural Skincare Brands for Men

We all deserve the best in personal care products, and many brands are finally realizing that men want top quality skincare products that have been designed to meet their unique needs.  In addition to that, men are just as interested as women in using pure, natural products on their skin.  Organic and all natural personal care products are much easier to find today than they were in the past, thanks to increased consumer demand.  Here are six natural skincare brands who have designed product lines especially for men.



6 Natural Skincare Brands for Men
Image via Aesop


The hip apothecary style packaging of Aesop products is something many men will appreciate and will not mind tossing in their gym bag. The Australian brand offers a variety of skincare products made using natural ingredients. In the personal care line, Aesop offers two types of deodorant, standard and herbal, as well as mouthwash and toothpaste. A variety of body gels, scrubs, and lotions are also available.

John Masters Organics


6 Natural Skincare Brands for Men
Image via John Masters


John Masters offers a variety of natural products that appeal to both men and women, and much of their line is unisex.  They have started to add products designed specifically for men.  One such addition to their men’s skincare line is the Eucalyptus and Agave 2-in-1 face wash and shaving foam. Witch hazel and willow bark provide anti-inflammatory benefits to help protect against shaving irritation.



6 Natural Skincare Brands for Men
Image via SkinCanDo


This brand has a rugged, military aesthetic and it also is charitable, sending care packages to American troops stationed abroad.  The Combat-Ready line offers a variety of products that are all made with natural ingredients.  Some of the items to choose from in this line include bug repellent, shower gel, balm, and packaged gift kits.



6 Natural Skincare Brands for Men
Image via Naturopathica


The developers of this skincare line have a background in herbalism and are committed to sharing the healing power of plants.  They use clean, sustainable ingredients to create their all natural products. The men’s collection features a highly rated shaving cream. Reviewers like the creamy, smooth blend of Cypress Oil, Aloe Vera, Sea Algae, and Shea Butter.  This combination of an astringent with hydratants leaves the face feeling cool and soothed.

Dr. Bronner’s


6 Natural Skincare Brands for Men
Image via Dr. Bronner


This family run skincare business was started in 1948 by a German-Jewish immigrant named Emanuel Bronner.  His history and the development of the business is definitely worth a read, as it explains the passion Bronner had for creating socially and environmentally responsible products.  “We are All-One or None!” was the groundbreaking master soap master’s message, and he was a pioneer in natural skincare products. Their online store offers a huge selection of products, all bearing the wordy label that is one of the brand’s signatures.  Pure castille liquid and bar soaps, organic shaving creams, organic lotions, and much more are available in a variety of scents.



6 Natural Skincare Brands for Men
Image via Trevarno


Trevarno is a UK based brand that has created a skincare line especially for men. They use all natural products to create luxurious organic personal care products that have a masculine appeal.  Shaving soap, body and aftershave oils, and moisturizer are just some of the products.  For gentlemen with beards, Trevarno has introduced natural beard care products, such as beard oil and beard balm, to help maintain your appearance without using chemicals.

If you enjoy using natural skincare products or are interested in learning more about organic personal care products, please read our suggestions for environmentally conscious beauty brands.  Have we left one of your favorite eco friendly skincare brands off our lists?  Please let us know in the comments!

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6 Natural Skincare Brands for Men