Wedding Suits for Men: Our Best Tips for Dressing Your Best

We are turning our attention to the groom with a selection of wedding suits for men that you are going to love. Help your groom-to-be avoid the pitfalls of too stiff suits, poor tailoring, and regrettable fashion choices with our suggestions below. These are our best tips for dressing your best when choosing a men’s wedding suit.

Look and Feel Like Yourself


Look and Feel Like Yourself The Black Tux Wedding Suits for Men
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The most important thing to keep in mind when choosing wedding suits for men is to be yourself. This is not the time to make a fashion statement unless that is something you do every day. Trendy fashion items like collar bars, skinny ties, or satin cravats should be avoided unless one of these is part of your everyday style. It is perfectly OK to play it safe and wear a traditional suit if that is who you are, whereas you should also feel free to break the mold if that is your style.

This suit from The Black Tux is the Peak Lapel Tuxedo. This look is a classic design that still makes a statement. The lapels point upward, framing the groom’s face and elongating the frame. This look is a way to be fashionable while maintaining a timeless look.

Stick with Tried and True Colors


Stick with Tried and True Colors when shopping for your wedding suit
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A non-traditional color or pattern choice for your wedding suit might make you uncomfortable or make you stand out too much. Plus, opting for a neutral color will ensure that your look won’t clash with the wedding party, especially if the dresses are in bold colors or busy designs. Gray, tan, navy, or black wedding suits for men are a safe option. These colors are slimming, photograph very well, and will not look dated when you look back on your wedding photos in 25 or 50 years.

The Midnight Blue Tuxedo is a great wedding suit option for men who do not want to wear black. Midnight blue has been a long respected color for wedding suits without breaking formal dress codes. You can stand out from the crowd without bucking tradition.

Choose the Right Fabric Weight


Choose the Right Fabric Weight The Black Tux Wedding Suits for Men
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Consider the time of year when choosing a wedding suit. A fall or winter wedding when the weather is cooler calls for heavier fabrics. Wool and cashmere are sensible options for cold weather events. A summer wedding or a climate that is hot and humid calls for lighter fabrics. Linen and khaki are great choices when the temperatures climb. Whichever fabric weight you choose, make sure that the fit is slim. Very heavy and very lightweight textiles can look sloppy if they are not fitted correctly.

This Black Corduroy Jacket Tuxedo is an example of a heavy textile. The luxurious, plush corduroy dinner jacket will help keep the chill away at a cold-weather wedding. The jacket is paired with traditional tuxedo pants to keep the look slim and fit.

Don’t Skip the Tailoring


Don't Skip the Tailoring on Your Wedding Suit
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No matter what wedding suit you choose, the fit is what makes the look. When it comes to alterations, there are a few key points to keep in mind. First, be sure that the jacket is nipped at the waist, but not too tightly. You do not want the button to look pulled. Second, make sure that when your arms are down the shirt cuff peeks out a quarter-inch below the jacket sleeve. Finally, the pants of the suit should graze the shoelaces. Cover these basics to make sure the suit is tailored correctly for a great looking fit.

Hopefully, our guide to wedding suits for men helps you to pick the perfect ensemble for your big day. For more advice beyond the wedding suit, see our article about bespoke wedding invitations.

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Wedding Suits for Men: Our Best Tips for Dressing Your Best