Summer Clothes for Men: New Trends

Each season, runways are filled with boundary-pushing men’s fashion and this summer is no exception. From ultra shorts to bold colors (yellow being the most prominent) and checkerboard patterns to bucket hats making a triumphant return, it should be an interesting summer. We’ve selected a few men’s fashion trends for summer that are more accessible than what we saw on the runway.

Relaxed Trousers

Summer Clothes for Men: New Trends
Photo courtesy of Reiss

Your skinny jeans have reached the end of their stylish shelf life and we’ve circled back to a roomier trouser. The roominess is in the legs primarily, they’re not baggy, rather, they’re relaxed (as you will be once you’re free from those skinny-legged pants) and they’re cropped just above the ankles – perfect for summer evenings out.

Looser Suits

Summer Clothes for Men: New Trends
Photo courtesy of Asos

Continuing on that trend of the relaxed trousers, your entire body can breathe a little more freely as suits are loosening up a bit this summer as well. Tailoring hasn’t loosened up since the 1980s – though we’re not going that far just yet, we’re going from skinny fits to slim fits. Possibly making room for some carbs?


Summer Clothes for Men: New Trends
Photo courtesy of Sunspel

Good swimwear is a summer essential and the trend for this season is a swim short. It’s shorter than both the board short and the swim trunk but not as short as a box cut or swim brief. Available all over the place in person and online, you see them in everything from bright solids and bold prints to muted solids and subtle prints.


Summer Clothes for Men: New Trends
Photo courtesy of ACED Design

One of the most divisive men’s clothing items to grace our social media feeds, the RompHim by ACED Design launched as a meager Kickstarter campaign and quickly sold out raising nearly $400,000 toward their initial gold of just $10,000. It soon achieved notoriety as it went viral and enabled people to bicker about how it was either horrible or awesome. You can order yours directly from the RompHim website. Esquire decided to get some real opinions of the men’s romper (not just the RompHim) when they had “5 Real Guys Put the Mail Romper to the Test“.


Summer Clothes for Men: New Trends
Photo courtesy of Instagram/cazwellnyc

If the RompHim wasn’t boundary-pushing enough for you, how about the lacy short? Not actually available (aside from custom production), these shorts with matching shirts were made by Hoza Rodriguez, designer and owner of streetwear brand Hologram City, at the request of rapper Cazwell, for his new music video.

Are you ready to embrace a men’s fashion trend for the summer? Which one will you choose? Furthermore, which sport watch will you pair with your summer fashion trends? See our article here for great options for summer.

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Summer Clothes for Men: New Trends