Accessorize Like Boy Band BTS

If you know anything about the surge of K-pop on the charts, you likely have heard of BTS.  BTS is a seven-member South Korean boy band that has made a massive influence in the world of pop, first in the East and now in the West as well.  This incredibly popular group has not only made a mark in music.  The social-savvy members have a huge online influence, and they are well known for their edgy fashion.  You can crib some of their style and accessorize like boy band BTS.

Personalized Staples



Mimic this street style look with a pair of white Dr. Martens 1460 boots.  The clean look of the boots is given a grungy edge with some DIY doodles.  Much of BTS’ style consists of taking staple pieces and personalizing them.  Putting your own spin on classic wardrobe pieces is a fantastic way to make your look more unique.



A less-permanent way to personalize your look is with pins.  Enamel pins like these from Pintrill are popular accessories this summer.  Pin manufacturers often collaborate with luxury brands for small production runs.  The limited availability of these pins makes them extremely difficult to get your hands on, which makes them even more desirable.

A Touch of Flair



The perfect base for a personalized look is a classic jean jacket.  In these photos, BTS keeps their look clean with slim fit jackets and matching jeans.  We love this Vintage Blue Denim Jacket from Saint Laurent for its simple cut and vintage wash.

HypeBeast Sneaks



When it comes to footwear, BTS doesn’t mind a bit of flash.  Several members of BTS sported Gucci sneakers on the red carpet.  Gucci sneakers are popular items for so-called Hypebeasts — those fashion lovers who hop on hyped up trends as soon as they are released.

90s Inspired Headwear



There’s some poetry to the 90s influence on the fashion of today’s popular boy bands.  The bucket hat has made a return to the world of fashion, and BTS members have been seen sporting the look.  You can go full Hypebeast by splurging on this Gucci Dapper Dan bucket hat.

We don’t expect the influence of K-pop musicians and groups to diminish any time soon.  To learn more about the fashion choices of popular Korean artists, check out this guide!

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Accessorize Like Boy Band BTS