The Dreamy Hermès Moon Phase Watch

Hermès has a very long history of creating revolutionary and interesting timepieces. The debut of the ingenious Hermès moon phase watch early this year drew the interest of even the most jaded watch enthusiasts. The Arceau L’Heure De La Lune features a pair of stationary mother-of-pearl moons with floating dials that rotate around the face. The floating pieces cover and uncover the moons to indicate the current moon phase. There are two moons on this Hermès watch to represent both the northern and the southern hemispheres at once. One of the floating dials shows the hour and minute of the day, while the other dial reflects the date.

In addition to the dreamy effect created by having two moons for both hemispheres, the timepiece also shows different designs. The lower moon on the face of the watch is a depiction of the lunar surface. The upper moon displays a subtle motif created by artist and designer Dimitri Rybaltchenko. His pegasus motif is a work he calls “Pleine Lune” or “Full Moon.” Purchasers can choose between a meteorite dial with grey lacquered discs or an aventurine dial with white lacquered discs. Each version will be released in a limited edition of 100 numbered pieces.

The Movement


The movement of the Hermès moon phase watch which is a revolutionary and highly creative new development from the iconic brand. This unique watch is sophisticated.
Photo Courtesy of Hermès


The Hermès moon phase watch is fitted on a Swiss mechanical self-winding movement. An oscillating weight that reacts to natural movements keep the timepiece running. The barrel uses a coiled spring to act as an energy accumulator, giving the watch a power reserve of more than 42 hours. The watch will never require manual winding unless you do not wear it for more than 42 hours.

The Metals and Diamonds Used

Customers may opt to customize the finish for their Hermès moon phase watch. One option for the watch body is made with 316L steel, a stainless alloy. The steel is gold plated. The gold is at a minimum 10 μm thick. Other options are the 750 gold and steel as well as the 750 gold. The gold option is available in yellow, pink, or white gold.

All diamonds used in the Hermès watch, regardless of the shape or cut, are high quality from the same source. They are of Top Wesselton V.V.S. clarity and F/G color.

Hermès Leather Strap

The strap is a traditional Hermès style, available in a variety of luxury leather finishes. Options include alligator, smooth or grained calfskin, ostrich, and goatskin. Saddle stitching guarantees a superior level of resistance and sturdiness. Natural leather treatments preserve the quality and appearance of the leather.

Why did Hermès Choose Moon Phases?


This Hermès watch is a revolutionary and highly creative new development from the iconic brand. This unique watch is sophisticated.
Photo Courtesy of Hermès


Why did Hermès choose to place moon phases on their newest watch design? The moon in the sky has always held a unique position in mankind’s history. Primitive peoples from long ago looked to the moon as the goddess or rain and provider of abundant harvests. Other groups saw the moon as a source of destructive life forces. The phase from the waning crescent to the new moon or dark moon was believed to be evil, cruel, and destructive.

While most of these superstitions have been left in the past, the moon still retains some of its mystery in the hearts of many today. Gardeners refer to the moon for planting guidance. Sailors look to the moon to estimate tidal ranges. Astrologers claim that the lunar phases exercise an influence on the behavior of people still today. All of the legend and folklore that surround the moon made it an intriguing and popular choice for this new timepiece.

Act quickly if you want to purchase the Hermès moon phase watch as the quantities are limited. So, will you add this Hermès watch to your collection? To learn more about the iconic Hermès brand and their long history in fashion, see our story about how Hermès makes their highly sought after scarves.

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The Dreamy Hermès Moon Phase Watch