Travel Chic: Arriving in Style

Let’s be honest…traveling is far from luxurious. The destination itself might be phenomenal but long-distance travel is not what I call simple, especially when trying to look chic upon arrival. Although first and business class has made traveling much more tolerable, it is hard to maintain a put-together look after a 15 hour flight. Am I right?!? With that being said, I have learned a few tricks in order to help preserve a fresh and fashionable look from the moment you step off the airplane.


Travel Chic: Arriving in Style with Kristen Taekman


First and foremost, make sure you feel comfortable in what you are wearing. I can’t stress this enough! Wearing a sleek pair of jeans with stilettos may look fabulous but is it really practical? No! A pair of joggers may look just as chic if styled the right way. I know it sounds impossible but trust me; I have learned the tricks of the trade during my years of traveling abroad.


Travel Chic: Arriving in Style with Kristen Taekman


I personally have a staple travel outfit I wear no matter where I’m flying. Whether it’s a two-hour flight or twelve-hour flight, you will most likely see me traveling in this outfit (or a version of it). I think everyone should have a go-to travel outfit. Traveling is stressful enough, no need to stress over what you’re going to wear. My go-to travel outfit is a pair of black wrinkle-free poly-blend joggers, paired with a black t-shirt, long cardigan and loafers. When I say joggers, I’m not talking about something you would wear to the gym; I’m referring to a chic pair of comfortable trousers that could easily be worn to a business meeting after stepping off the airplane. Add a blazer, trade in your loafers for your pumps and you’re good-to-go!

Layers are one of the most important fashion aspects when traveling. Have you ever been on a flight that is extremely cold or worse, scorching hot? Been there, done that and have learned my lesson. Layer, layer, layer!


Travel Chic: Arriving in Style with Kristen Taekman


Side note, I also tend to wear black when I travel (just in case I spill something…oops). Never know when you might hit some turbulence and spill your glass of merlot! Regardless, I always pack a backup outfit in my carry on (just in case). Make sure to carry a cashmere scarf or pashmina with you at all times! This is by far the most important accessory when it comes to flying! I have used my scarf to replace numerous things such as a pillow, a blanket, a jacket and even an eye mask…I can go on and on. Trust me, it is extremely handy and you will most definitely get great use out of it!

Also, don’t forget a compact beauty bag. My must have items are a small bottle of Evian mist to stay moisturized and a few beauty products (a little blush and lip-gloss goes a long way after such a long flight).


Travel Chic: Arriving in Style with Kristen Taekman


Lastly, the most important accessory of all is a super chic suitcase and tote. There are some great new high-tech 360-spin roller bags that have charging capabilities. Nothing better than being able to charge your phone conveniently from your suitcase!

Cheers to you and your summer travel!

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Travel Chic:  Arriving in Style