From Page to Screen: The Fashion of Crazy Rich Asians

Have you ever wanted an inside look at the lifestyles of the ultra-wealthy in Asia?  A new movie out this summer will satisfying that craving!  Crazy Rich Asians is a film filled with glamour, class, and all the fashion you could want.  Before you indulge in the fashion of Crazy Rich Asians, here’s what you should know about this upcoming film.

A Successful Series

The upcoming movie is based on Kevin Kwan’s bestselling novel of the same name.  The book was published in 2013 and sparked two sequels: China Rich Girlfriend and Rich People Problems.  Kwan himself has lived in both American and Singapore, so he knows the intimate details of the rich in Singapore while also being able to view it also as an objective outsider.  That unique perspective allowed him to create the compelling characters in the books.  Kwan’s fascination with how uber-rich Asians lives allows us a peek into that world.  The movie will bring those characters, and their amazing wardrobes, to life.

A Fascinating Story



The plot of the book, and movie, centers around American-born Chinese woman Rachel Chu.  Rachel is an economic professor who travels with her boyfriend Nick back home to Singapore for a wedding.  Once there, Rachel discovers for the first time that Nick’s family is insanely wealthy, and she is more than a bit of an outsider.  The wedding they have come to attend is slated to be the wedding of the season, bringing with it a troupe of old-money characters who are not too sure of Nick’s girlfriend.

The Fashion

Costume Designer Mary Vogt costumed the film, a daunting task.  Couture fashion is a major part of the original book, and audiences are expecting to see these stunning fashions translated from their imaginations to the screen.  Vogt was inundated with offers from major fashion houses. Thus allowing her to pick and choose which designer pieces were best for each character.

The major fashionista of the story, Astrid, wears Dior and Alexander McQueen.  Eleanor, Nick’s mother, is more of a sophisticate in Ellie Saab with jewelry by Michelle Ong.  Characters representing more new-money families sport Hermes and Versace.  With all this delicious eye candy, Crazy Rich Asians should be as influential a fashion movie as The Devil Wears Prada.

A Culturally Important Film



Not only does the plot of the movie take us into the infrequently scene world of the ultra rich in Singapore, the film marks another important cultural touchstone.  The movie, directed by Jon M. Chu, is the first major Hollywood movie set in Asia in a quarter of a century that isn’t a period film.  The film takes us into the day-to-day lives of Asian characters in modern day.

If you are as eager to see this new film, and all the fashion involved, the movie will debut in theaters across America on August 17.  If you love fashion and film, you might also enjoy our favorite fashion documentaries.

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From Page to Screen: The Fashion of Crazy Rich Asians