4 Asian Ambassadors Elevating the Top Fashion Houses

As the market for designer fashions in Asia increases, fashion houses are looking for ways to increase their brand’s awareness in popular culture.  One of the smartest, and most organic, ways to do this is by partnering with celebrities who already love and wear their fashion.  Brands like Louis Vuitton and Fendi see the benefits of partnering with hugely popular musicians and actors.  There are stylish, beautiful people wearing their fashions plus their looks get exposure to the large and loyal followings of those celebrities.  These are just four Asian ambassadors elevating the top fashion houses in a new market.

Bae Doona for Louis Vuitton



You may know Korean actress Bae Doona for her roles in Korean films, Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance and The Host.  Westerners are more likely to recognize her from Cloud Atlas and Jupiter Ascending or the Netflix series Sense8.  As of early this year, Bae Doona also became the face for Louis Vuitton’s “Series 4” campaign.

In college, Bae Doona was discovered by a model scout and worked for a while as a model before transitioning into acting.  As Louis Vuitton Creative Director Nicolas Ghesquière’s newest muse, Bae Doona wears his designs almost exclusively.  Her personal sense of style, and her ability to look stunning in designer clothes, made her a natural choice to serve as an ambassador for the fashion house.

Victoria Song and Loewe



While Victoria Song has dabbled in film and television, she is best known as a member of the K-pop girl group f(x).  We delved into the intertwining worlds of fashion and K-pop already on this site.  Her popularity has made her a well-known public figure, and she has become a bit of a fashion icon in her time in the spotlight.

While Victoria Song loves to wear designer pieces from just about every brand, from Vetements to Chanel, she is often spotted in Loewe designs.  Most notably, she posted several Instagram photos holding Loewe’s novelty panda purse, increasing its popularity immensely.  Social media posts like these allow Loewe to reach a new and receptive audience.

G-Dragon for Chanel


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K-pop artist Kwon Ji-yong (stage name G-Dragon) is wildly successful in Korea as the lead singer of group Big Bang. The musician has even earned the nickname of “The King of K-Pop.”  In 2016, Forbes named him as the most influential person under 30 in Asia’s entertainment and sports.

With this influence, it is no wonder why Chanel reached out to him to be an ambassador for the brand in Korea.  In 2017, G-Dragon appeared in a Chanel campaign with Pharrell, Kristen Stewart, Willow Smith and Cara Delevingne.  His huge social media following and ardent fans make him a successful ambassador for Chanel in a younger demographic.

Taeyang for Fendi


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Fellow Big Band member Dong Young-bae, aka Taeyang, has been tapped to make his own mark on the world of fashion.  Also successful as a solo artist, Taeyang has his own loyal fan base who admire his sense of personal style.

In 2017, Taeyang and Fendi collaborated to create a capsule collection for the brand.  The slogan-heavy collection appealed to the hypebeast culture of fashion lovers who snap up these limited releases as soon as they are available.

We expect to see more and more fashion houses reaching out to influential figures in Asia in the coming years.  This growing market has shown no sign of slowing down, and we are eager to see what future collaborations may be in store!

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4 Asian Ambassadors Elevating the Top Fashion Houses