Amazing Runway Shows from Milan Men’s Fashion Week

Milan’s Men’s Fashion Week brought plenty of stimulating runway shows this year.  Bold colors, patterns, and silhouettes abounded.  If the runway collections translate to real world fashion, we can expect a lot of lively looks next spring and summer.  As we mull over the looks offered in Italy this year, we wanted to share our thoughts on the amazing runway shows from Milan Men’s Fashion Week with you.

Frankie Morello



The runway for the Frankie Morello collection had a distinctly space-centric vibe.  The first models to walk the runway sported astronaut-inspired silver metallic looks.  Later in the collection graphic tees drew inspiration from both religious iconography and space travel — a strange combination, but one that worked well.  Too add to this otherworldly aesthetic, models were styled with metallic lipstick and silver contact lenses.



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The Prada show featured stylishly top-heavy looks.  Ultra-short men’s shorts (described by Prada as “the equivalent of a mini skirt”) paired with sport coats, varsity knits or windbreakers.  Oversized trapper hats accessorized most of the looks.  Perhaps the biggest takeaway of the show was the inclusion of “ladylike” leather shoulder bags for all of the male models.  We are interested to see if this runway trend is one that makes its way into the mainstream




For dashing men of a certain age, Billionaire is a fashion house to watch.  They unveiled their collection in William’s Le Roi underground club, a fitting setting for the playboy vibe of the show.  A live band played while models showed off suits in bold colors and patterns.  Bermuda shorts were a common thread through many of Milan’s runways shows, but we think Billionaire did them best.  The bold patterned shorts matched with barely buttoned collared shirts that evoked a lifestyle spent on the Riviera.



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Taking a cue from the clashing silks of the ’90s, the most recent Versace show in Milan featured mix and match floral, newsprint, and snakeskin patterns.  This explosion of pattern is a continuation of one of the SS18 trends we have been seeing this year.  In another callback to the ’90s, many models walked the runway in Versace patterned bucket hats — a look we have mixed feelings about.  Like Billionaire’s collection, the Versace collection included a variety of Bermuda shorts in both a traditional and slightly shorter length.

Giorgio Armani



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Armani delved back a decade further than Versace for their show’s inspiration. The larger proportions of the suits evoked memories of 1980’s silhouettes.  In addition to sleek three-button suits, Armani unveiled a variety of silk double-breasted suits and vests.  The wider proportions of the suit coats were matched with billowy pleated trousers.  This is a marked change of direction from the slim-fit pants that have been popular for so long.

We love seeing our favorite Italian fashion houses’ newest collections.  It makes us so excited for their visions to make their way into stores and eventually our closets!  Which of these runway looks would you most like to add to your wardrobe?

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Amazing Runway Shows from Milan Men’s Fashion Week