Kristen Taekman’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide For Every Type Of Mom

Mother’s day is that wonderful day that falls right after spring has shown its’ vibrant colors. We are all in a fantastic mood, ready for summer, our spring-cleaning is done and we feel fresh and rejuvenated. Overall, it’s just a fabulous time of year (and day) to honor the woman who gave you life! Whether she is by your side, across the country or looking down on you from above, she is with you on this special day. I have to admit that before becoming a mother, I didn’t really understand the significance behind Mother’s Day. Of course I knew how much I loved my Mom and the time we spent together but when I was younger, Mother’s Day meant flowers and a card. Today it means so much more and I now realize the sentimental meaning behind this special day. Although we should always pay homage to the important women in our lives, Mother’s Day is that one time of year where you should go above and beyond to show your appreciation and celebrate the special women in your life.


Kristen Taekman Mother's Day Gift Guide for Every Type of Mom

Mother’s Day can be celebrated in so many different ways but for me it really comes down to spending quality time with my family (along with breakfast in bed and a dressed up lunch at The Boat House in Central Park ). A good ole fashion breakfast in bed goes a long way, followed by a “day off” from any and all mommy responsibilities. Let it be noted that this is the universal greatest gift for all moms! With that being said, we all have moms with different likes and interests; there are moms who love sweets, flashy moms, nostalgic moms, wine-loving moms and so on and so forth. I came up with a gift guide based on your “type” of mom that will guarantee a happy Mother’s Day!

The Sentimental Mom

This is probably the easiest type of mom to shop for! If you know your mom will love a sentimental or nostalgic gift, here are a few of my favorite ideas:

Customized jewelry is one of the best gifts for the sentimental mom. Who doesn’t want custom-made jewelry designed by their children? Necklaces with your children’s initials or a charm bracelet are great gifts that will guarantee to put a smile on your mom’s face. What mom doesn’t want to wear their kid’s initials around their neck? I know I do! An incredible jeweler, Z, located in Nolita designed my necklace. Her store, Tendenza, is one of NYC’s hidden gems! If you are looking for high-end custom jewelry, this is the place to go. She ships worldwide and many of her pieces are one-of-a-kind. You can find her on Instagram @Tendenzajewelry and direct message her for any inquiries. Trust me, you will not be disappointed if you decide to order one of her incredible pieces.

Another great option is Helen Ficalora! This designer has beautiful pieces for Mother’s Day as well as charm bracelets. Charm bracelets are wonderful gifts because you can continue to add a charm to the bracelet for special occasions, not just Mother’s Day. It’s the gift that keeps on giving and a bracelet your mom will cherish forever, special moment after special moment.

A keepsake album is another wonderful gift for Mother’s Day. There are two websites I love using that make the best albums. All you have to do is send in your photos and they do all the work for you! You can even order very chic leather bound photo albums or calendars. I suggest using Pinhole Press, Montage or Tweed Wolf!

The Mom Who Loves to be Pampered

I definitely fall into this category! You can’t go wrong with booking your mom a day at the spa. Give mom the day off and give her time for rest and relaxation. A massage or a facial are great options but if you know your mom loves getting pampered but doesn’t really want to leave the house, no problem! Try booking an at home massage, mani/pedi, or blowout using glam apps such as Priv, Glamsquad or BeGlammed. These apps offer a variety of fabulous at home pampering services!

Another option is to give your mom something she normally wouldn’t buy herself but you know she will use…I’m talking about a fabulous hair dryer. I know this is not the most conventional gift but trust me, she will love it and use it! The new super sleek Dyson hair dryer is the ideal gift. This will make any moms morning routine much quicker because this dryer dries your hair in half the time and leaves it looking and feeling soft and oh so fab! (Josh…hint, hint…this is what I want)! This is, without a doubt, one of those great gifts that will go a long way.

The Housewarming Mom

We all know those moms who have pristine homes that ALWAYS smell good. If you have one of those moms, no doubt she will appreciate a set of luxurious candles. I would highly suggest a candle set from Diptyque. These are by far my favorite candles that seem to last forever.

Another great option is a bouquet of forever flowers. These flowers smell incredible and last up to a year! I order from Eternal Fleur because they have beautiful packaging and they are a smaller company with exceptional service and products. A heartfelt card and a bouquet of forever flowers is a gift every mom will love!

The Mom who Loves to Drink

I’m not just talking about wine! Since I am personally on my own new and fun coffee journey, I am all about looking into monthly subscription boxes. If your mom is a big coffee, tea or wine drinker, set her up with a subscription box.

Atlas Coffee Club, Bean Box and Moustache Coffee Club are great subscription boxes that can be delivered weekly or monthly! It is a great way to try different types of coffee from around the world.

If you have a mom who loves to drink tea, sign her up for Tea Forte or Teabox! This is the same concept as the coffee subscription but she gets to try all different types of incredible teas.

Last but definitely not least, if you have a mom who loves wine, sign her up for Vinebox, Winc or Bright Cellars. Nothing will make her happier than receiving a wonderful bottle of wine (or two) a month. This is a great way to try different types of wine.


Kristen Taekman Mother's Day Gift Guide for Every Type of Mom

The Homebody Mom

If your mom loves nothing more than staying home on a rainy day, buy her a classic set of pajamas or a chic bathrobe. I highly suggest the vintage pajama set from J.Crew. The pajama sets from J.Crew are my all time favorites because the quality is exceptional and beyond cozy. If you’re looking for a bathrobe, pick one from Barefoot Dreams! This is my favorite brand when it comes to chic and comfy robes that can be worn year-round.

The Mom with a Sweet Tooth

I love sweets! If you ask me whether I prefer something sweet or savory, I will 100% go for something sweet. Is your mom like me? If so, definitely order her a fabulous dessert for Mother’s Day. Baked Bouquet makes the most stunning floral cupcake arrangements. The sweets are delicious and delivered with a vase attached just like a true bouquet of flowers. What an incredible idea right?

The Mom who Loves an Experience

If you’re mom is more into spending the day outdoors, why not try something new and arrange a picnic at the park? There are now these incredible luxury services that cater and set up the picnic for you! All you do is call ahead of time, pick some items from the menu, show up at the park and a beautiful picnic will be waiting for you. These companies bring gorgeous blankets, chilled wine, incredible food and everything else you need to complete your picnic! You pick the place, they set it up! This is such a fun experience that is unique and ideal for Mother’s Day. You can search your picnic option locally but in my neighborhood this company is the best!

No matter what category your mom falls into, just remember to make this Mother’s Day special and meaningful to her. This is the one day to really show your appreciation and go out of your way to show her your love.


Kristen Taekman Mother's Day Gift Guide for Every Type of Mom

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Kristen Taekman's Mother's Day Gift Guide For Every Type Of Mom