Dressing Like an Icon: Fashion Notes From the Rise of K-pop

The phenomenon of K-pop has reached America.  The infectious music and poppy fashions are set to have a huge influence on Western culture.  You can be on the cutting edge of this trend by taking fashion notes from the rise of K-pop.  These trends are popular with K-pop stars, and they will likely be hot in American soon!

Oversized Pieces


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Key, from the group SHINee, demonstrates one of the top trends in Korean street style.  This trend has been popular in Korea for some time now, and K-pop stars make great use of it.  If you want to take advantage of this cozy trend, we recommend balancing out the oversized items with more fitted and tailored pieces.  Then the finished effect will look cool, not slovenly.

Bright Colors


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In this Instagram look, Lee Chae-rin, better known by her stage name CL, slays the bright colors trend.  This 90s inspired outfit incorporates bold neon colors accented with simple black.  Kpop stars do not steer away from color.  If your wardrobe consists solely of basic black, be ready to add in some major doses of color.  Hot pink is hot this year, so we recommend starting there.

Tropical Prints


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While you are adding bold color into your wardrobe, why not add some tropical prints in as well?  Here you can see Kim Hyo-jung, better known as Hyolyn, bringing some major summer vibes.  We have seen an influx of Hawaiian prints on Western runways, so these patterns are on trend all around the world.

HypeBeast Street Style


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HypeBeast style is alive and well in Korea too.  CL poses with Supreme luggage, a brand that is incredibly hot right now.  To infuse your wardrobe with this trend, you will need to be first in line for a new pair of Yeezys or a new Vetements jacket.

Statement Jackets


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Kwon Ji-yong, also known by his stage name G-Dragon, knows the power of a statement jacket.  Finish off your K-pop inspired outfit with some eye-popping outerwear.  Layer the jacket over some wardrobe basics to keep it the star of the show.

Which of these style trends are you excited to add into your wardrobe?

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Dressing Like an Icon: Fashion Notes From the Rise of K-pop