The Best Runway Looks of All Time: Hermès

The Hermes name is a symbol of class worldwide. Its equestrian beginnings led to today’s reputation for fine bags and refined fashions.  Hermes runway shows aren’t the extravagant spectacles that Louis Vuitton puts on, but instead focus on the craftsmanship and materials used to create some truly luxurious looks.

Spring/Summer 2017

The serenity of the white catwalk of the Hermes Spring-Summer 2017 collection was violated by a rogue pigeon.  The bird crashed the show and caused multiple Hermes staff members to frantically shoo the animal away from the spotless white fabric which separated the show’s attendees.  Thankfully all chaos subsided before the show actually began.  Pigeon attacks aside, the star of this show was easily the bags. The stately fashions were accented by Hermes’ incredible handbags, some accented with fringed horsehair and others with calfskin or alligator.

Fall/Winter 2016

The Hermes style doesn’t shout or beg for attention.  Silhouettes and fabrics exude a quiet luxury that those who know what luxe really means can appreciated.  The Hermes fall/winter 2016 show featured demure leather and shearling jackets, mink vests, cashmere suits, and palladium-studded suede.  This is the definition of sheer luxury.

Fall/Winter 2017 Men’s

“Rock-mantic” is the portmaneau of rock and romantic and was the unifying theme of the gorgeous Hermes Men’s fall/winter 2017 show.  Romantic shearling sweaters and grey velvet suits soften the rock and roll edge of the show’s skinny leather pants.  Again, the runway show featured nothing too showy, nothing over the top.  Just the pure unadulterated opulence that we expect from Hermes.

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The Best Runway Looks of All Time: Hermès