Milan Fashion Week 2018: Looks We Love

Even with Gucci and Bottega Veneta off the schedule, Milan Fashion Week 2018 served plenty of gorgeous fashion to excite us for Spring of 2019. The collections from Versace, Ferragamo, Plein and more have us eagerly anticipating the arrival of spring!




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Versace put on a stunning show even as the word swirled about their $2.12 billion purchase by Michael Kors Holdings. The show celebrated diversity, as has become the standard for Versace shows, including models in a range of ages. The biggest moment of the night came when retired 90’s supermodel Shalom Harlow at Versace closed out the show in a microfloral dress.

Salvadore Ferragamo


Salvadore Ferragamo Milan Fashion Week 2018
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The color palette of the latest Ferragamo collection featured subdued colors highlighted by bolder gem tones. Because of the more refined color palette, the luxe materials used in the collection were able to shine. We especially loved the leather and linen looks from Milan Fashion Week 2018.

Phillip Plein


Phillip Plein Milan Fashion Week 2018
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More pared down than Phillip Plein shows typically are, the most recent show in Milan was a tribute to Michael Jackson. Men’s suits were cropped just a bit shorter than is typical to draw attention to black loafers and glittered socks. Many looks referenced legendary Michael Jackson music videos, from the red pulled from the iconic Thriller video to the hardware-studded belts as a nod to the video for Bad.

Emporio Armani


Emporio Armani Milan Fashion Week 2018
Photo courtesy of Emporio Armani


There was something for everyone in Emporio Armani’s massive, 170-plus look, show. The Linate Airport has sported Armani branding for years, so it was appropriate that the show for Milan Fashion Week 2018 was held in the Linate airport. Many looks in the collection featured a bright, minty green color. We will be interested to see if the hue catches in for Spring of 2019.



Moschino Milan Fashion Week 2018
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Moschino’s tongue-in-cheek humor was evident in the brand’s most recent collection. The looks from the Spring 2019 collection featured prints made to look like rough, felt-tipped marker drawings. Moschino also incorporated tools of the trade, like scissors, thimbles, and measuring tapes, into the looks as well. The final look of the night and our favorite was a bridal look worn by Gigi Hadid. The massive veil looked as if it was being lifted by fabric butterflies when it was actually held up by several men wearing black body stockings.




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Missoni’s Spring show had a decidedly otherworldly feel to it. Held in the MiCo, a modern conference center, the show featured shimmering pastel fabrics. The strong styling of the models kept the muted tones from looking meek or submissive.

So, tell us, what were your favorite looks from Milan Fashion Week 2018? Any that we missed? Want a deeper look? Go behind the scenes at Milan Fashion Week in this post.

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Milan Fashion Week 2018: Looks We Love